Ein Kerem Legend careful to offer its customers a rich and innovative
experiences based products reflecting the level of creativity and
professional skills are surprising

Ein Kerem Legend specializes in producing events ,conferences ,seminars ,events Bar / Bat Mitzvah Tours Tours in Jerusalem and Jerusalem in particular and in all parts of Israel in general .

Conferences and events produced by the legend of Ein Kerem received great resonance because of the surprising capabilities and unique productions mysterious and ancient homes and in surprising places and inspired throughout Israel .

Professional and administrative staff of Ein Kerem Legend is much appreciated thanks to uncompromising performance , innovative content creation side logistics management and meticulous execution of events.

Convention Ein Kerem Legend global repercussions were produced thanks to the unique and complex demonstrated the level of professionalism of
the staff.

Ein Kerem Legend was founded as tourism and culture in 1996 by Pnina Ein Mor and expresses the rich experience in big productions during
her military service as well as the headquarters of senior-depth understanding of the pearl producing events and festivals in public activities. Pearl is also one of the teachers of Israel’s most desirable way. Since 2004 Ein Kerem Legend is managed by Nufar challenge. Ein Kerem Legend careful to offer its .customers a rich and innovative experiences based products reflecting the level of creativity and professional skills surprising