Private Tours

We have exciting and original tours in all areas of Israel.
Our trained and experienced tour guides will give you an exciting and fascinating introduction so some of Israel´s most famous site and even a few you might not know…

An exciting tour that exposes Jerusalem from a different angle.
Why is the whole world so fascinated by this city?
It´s Versatility, the multicultural aspect of her. The tour will cover the important sites of Jerusalem, but will also show the hidden aspect of the city – roof tops observations, European cafes and surprising hidden gardens.

The beautiful picturesque village we call our home.
A holy place for all religions with synagogues, monasteries, and a mosque.
We will take you on a truly magical journey through the ally ways with stories and views that will win your heart.

Unique locations in the green and beautiful North of Israel.
We will take you on journeys to sacred locations. You will get up, close and personal with the local Kibuzim and learn of their way.

We will visit all the picturesque and holy locations around the Kineret, while enjoying it’s wonderful view.

The ancient and historic Caesarea, with all it´s wonders is revealed through the stories of our tour guides.
For all you wine lovers – we will visit the wineries of Zichron Ya´acov, enjoy a good meal and of course – a nice glass of wine.
Haifa hold many beautiful locations and stories – and we´ll show and tell you all

A wonderful view to the desert – like you´ve never seen it before.
We will great landmarks, meet the locals for coffee and ride around on camels.

A journey through time as Tel Aviv celebrates 100 years. A tour from port to port, from Jaffa’s port to Tel Aviv’s renewed port and all the wonders in between.