Jerusalem Events

Organizing events in Jerusalem is not easy.  In order for the event to be successful and memorable, one needs to respond to numerous questions and sometimes difficult challenges.  For example, who will be responsible for the food, who will provide the music, where do you find the best suppliers and decide which is most appropriate?  What will be the main attraction of the event, etc?

Agadat Ein Kerem specializes in creating private functions in Jerusalem and other exceptional locations.  These events include guided tours, visits to interesting homes and gourmet food to suit the pallet of every client.
During the year, the company organizes special Jerusalem events including concerts and musical week-ends.
We believe in the concept that professionalism goes hand in hand with personal attention to detail and comprehensive planning of moments which later become fond memories.

Planning an event of any kind is complicated and requires good planning with no shortcuts.  An event planned quickly and hastily may be disappointing and even fail on the actual day.
Agadat Ein Kerem takes detailed care of all the procedure of the event, the attractions, location, entertainment, music and food.  An organization which deals in the sphere of organized events must have a good relationship with its customers.  It must be able to listen to the needs and fancies of the customer and be willing and able to execute the “scenario” that the customer wishes to experience.

Agadat Ein Kerem knows how to find creative and original solutions to turn your celebration into an impressive and memorable event.
Agadat Ein Kerem is well knows for organizing events in Jerusalem in particular, as well as in other Israeli locations and we are confident that we will meet all your expectations wherever  you choose your event to be held.