Guest Room Ein Karem

Lake View

Phone/airconditioner/1 unit /2+2 visitors/bathroom/view/garden
Te: 02- 6412184 0523841841
This stone Zimmer is located on the top of En Kerem and has a view of the wonderful panorama and of the churches.

This stone Zimmer is located on the top of En Kerem and has a view of the wonderful panorama and of the churches. The Zimmer is romantic and enchanting, decorated in an original style. It´s got everything! It has 2 levels. The upper one has a fully equipped kitchen with a terrace facing the wonderful view. One can cook full meals and eat on the terrace while seeing the hills of Jerusalem, the Beit Zayit Lake, and hearing the church bells. The lower level has a bedroom with candles, a bathroom with bathrobes, cable T.V. a stereo and a DVD player with a choice of films. The price includes a full fridge for a stupendous breakfast. In addition free wine from a choice of 12 brands a bowl of dried fruit, sweets, farmer’s bread and delicious jams.

Every guest receives a free jar of organic jam and tea. For special occasions such as birthdays, cakes, cards and balloons are available.

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Phone/airconditioner/1 unit /2+2 visitors/bathroom/view/garden

Te: 972-2- 6412184, 972-52-3841841

The Sound Of The Bell

This unit is situated in the heart of the village with a sunny yard and an herbal garden facing the Russian Church and the Valley of the spring.
This Unit includes a Kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Breakfast is also available.
Cost:  NIS 650 per couple for a weekend

          NIS 600 per couple in mid-week

To book: Ilana – 972-52-8601049

The wine 9

n a green herb garden, under the three branches you will find a lovely corner made of wood and clay.
We offer two units:
The first is a double unit (suitable for a couple) with a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom with a bath and dining area.
The second is a suite (suitable for couple + 2) with a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom with bath and dining area.
Both units have wardrobes, under-floor heating, AC, TV, CD and offers light refreshments.

For more information and reservations please call Vitia 972-52-3899855

Ein Karem Vacation Apartment

A vintage, newly renovated, stone house located in Ein Kerem, a picturesque village in Jerusalem. The green landscape of Jerusalem mountains is seen
from every room  and from the patio and terrraces.
You will find a very relaxing, comfortable and inspiring home.

Tel. +972-52-7252544

Fax.  +972-2-6433779


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The Hidden Garden

Specializing in peace and quiet, located in the heart of the Jerusalem Hills and in the scenic village of Ein Kerem just across from St. John´s Monastery, the Hidden Garden Bed and Breakfast offers accomodation in a traditional domed room setting opening onto a garden and patio. Breakfast served in the garden with traditional southern hospitality.


cell: 972-54-316-2619

land line: 972-2-641-3113

The Natural House

2 units, 2 + 2 guests, jacuzzi, sauna, panoramic view, garden, kitchenette, airconditioning.
telephone: 02-6411288 | 050-5373780

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In the shade of the vine

Housing units made of stone combined with wood.
Fully fitted kitchen area, air-con, TV, DVD player, great view and a nice sitting area.
Close to the village centre.
The housing units are separated.
For reservations please call: 972-50-8363084, 972-52-5163544, 972-2-6413752