A soul searching experience in the desert
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We will go on a soul searching journey through the desert.. We will take a break and give in to the peace and quite using exercises that will allow us to receive the wonders of the nature.

The facilitator, Tamar, is a social worker, tour guide and group leader. She guides spiritual and cultural tours in Jerusalem and in nature in the Judean mountains, in the Negev and Galilee. She works with creativity and movement.


An experience of relaxation and growth.
Feminine meetings of strength and softness in different spots in Nature

Women´s Circles

A time dedicated for us, to meet as a tribe like in the past.
A time for experiencing, breathing, movement and creativity within a feminine supportive and  empowering space
In the motion from being together and alone, from observation to sharing, a space is created to be yourself, as you are

Unique workshops for life transformations

Our mothers used to celebrate and mark life cycles in nature which supports in times of change
Significant events combined with rituals specially created for Bat Mitzva, single women´s parties, important birthdays, before and after pregnancy

Women´s desert journeys

A powerful experience of meeting the desert.
A quiet time for observation and creativity that only the desert can allow. One to several days including sleeping
A variety of itineraries in the Judean desert and the Negev. The itineraries are tailor-made and created with varying levels of difficulty according to the nature of the group


Creating mandalas in nature with Tamar
Mandala in ancient Hindi is a sacred circle. The mandala is a drawing or form, with a clear centre that develops symmetrically outwards. Mandalas exist in nature, in children´s intuitive drawings and as sacred symbols and motifs in ancient and present cultures. Mandalas are considered to represent the human soul and the structure of the universe, encountering the order and harmony of the cosmos and as such they were attributed with healing powers and used in various rituals.

Creating mandalas in nature takes place through a personal process that invites silence, joyful rest, concentration, centering and expansion.

The workshop includes a talk about mandalas and their place in ancient cultures and in nature, continued by an experience with movement that connects us to our physical center and exercises in observation and guided imagery which will lead us into the creative process itself.
It is possible to create mandalas in a group as a tool for group cohesiveness through respect for and strengthening of each individual´s position within the whole group.

“Body Oil ” Workshop – Creating oils in nature

Making oil in Nature with Tamar
The use of oil has been forever known to have wonderful effects. Kings and counts were anointed with oil, princesses applied oil to their bodies and even today when we wish to pamper ourselves and relax what is better than a meal spiced with aromatic oils, an oil massage and cosmetics based on pure and natural oils?
During the workshop, we will encounter different types of oils, their properties, medicinal plants and spice herbs found in nature. Every participant will choose the plant from which he will extract the oil and will learn the medicinal properties of the different plants. An experiential workshop, captivating and creative, at the end of which everybody creates his/her own aromatic oil.

Chocolate Workshop

House of Chocolate and Chocolate Workshops in Sweet Einkerem
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Sima, Ein kerem´s chocolatier will show you the wonders of chocolate in the sweet paradise of Ein kerem.
Suitable for any purpose or event: party, single womens/mens party, birthdays, conference, workers unions and any reason that justifies a sweet treat.
The workshop is held in a pleasant atmosphere in Ein kerem´s enchanting landscape.
It is possible to order the event for any other location, including activities for children during the workshop.

Min. 10 participants